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Claudel, Paul 1868 - 1955 P
Marshal of France negotiates the future of Spanish dominions 1698 T Note
The French establish a legation in China 1698 T Note
Louis XIV recognises James II's son as king on his father's death 1701 T Note
Savoy joins the Grand Alliance 1703 T Note
Louis XIV tries to negotiate for peace 1706 T Note
The Hague Conference for peace negotiations is opened 1709 T Note
Louis XIV appeals to French nation to reject humiliating peace proposals 1709 T Note
James III the Pretender is forced to leave France 1717 T Note
Peter the Great stays in Paris 1717 T Note
Convention of Amsterdam between France, Russia and Prussia 1717 T Note
Quadruple Alliance against Spain 1718 T Note
Defensive Alliance between Britain, Spain and France 1721 T Note
Congress of Cambrai: France and England agree to support Spain 1724 T Note
Louis XV dismisses the Spanish Infanta due to marry him 1725 T Note
The Hanoverian Alliance is joined by Denmark 1727 T Note
The Congress of Soissons meets 1728 T Note
The Congress of Soissons is dissolved 1729 T Note
Villars and Chauvelin urge a French alliance with Spain against England 1732 T Note
League of Turin formed against the Emperor 1733 T Note

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