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Claudel, Paul 1868 - 1955 P
A French loan is floated to finance Trans-Siberian railway 1891 T Note
Alliance of Versailles between France and Austria 1756 T Note
Anglo-French convention defines spheres of influence in Africa 1890 T Note
Anglo-French dual control of Egypt re-established 1879 T Note
Anglo-Prussian defensive alliance, aimed at France 1742 T Note
Bonaparte reaappoints Talleyrand 1799 - 1807 T Note
Boundaries of Montenegro are fixed 1858 T Note
Britain proposes full discussions on Morocco 1905 T Note
Britain warns against French occupation of Upper Nile 1895 T Note
Britain, France, Spain and Portugal ally in support of liberal constitutions 1834 T Note
Charles Emanuel of Sardinia rejects alliance with France and Spain 1742 T Note
Colombia grants French company a nine-year concession to build Panama Canal 1878 T Note
Congress of Cambrai: France and England agree to support Spain 1724 T Note
Congress of Laibach 1821 - 1821 T Note
Congress of Verona ends 1822 T Note
Congress of Verona opens to discuss European problems 1822 T Note
Constantinople Conference to consider Turkish problem 1876 - 1877 T Note
Convention of Amsterdam between France, Russia and Prussia 1717 T Note
Count Arnim is arrested for his attacks on the French Republic 1874 T Note

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