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Kotzebue, August von 1761 - 1819 P
Casement, Roger 1864 - 1916 P
Duke Albert of Bavaria joins the Swabian League 1492 T Note
Maximilian I recognises Perkin Warbeck as King of England 1494 T Note
Discussions begin in Antwerp for the expulsion of English rebels from Empire 1501 T Note
Maximilian I aims at creating a universal Hapsburg monarchy 1505 T Note
Pope Julius II leaves the League of Cambrai 1510 T Note
Archduke Ferdinand marries Anne of Hungary 1521 T Note
Cardinal Wolsey mediates between Francis I and Charles V 1521 T Note
Venice joins Charles V's league against France 1523 T Note
Catholic princes meet to consider a Catholic League 1525 T Note
Philip of Hesse plans alliance against League of Dessau 1525 T Note
Diet of Augsburg fails to solve religious crisis 1525 T Note
League of Gotha created as an association of Protestant princes 1526 T Note
Defensive anti-Catholic alliance of Weimar formed 1528 T Note
Bavaria joins the Schmalkaldic League despite being a Catholic state 1531 T Note
The Schmalkaldic League loses important members 1532 T Note
Ulm, Nuremberg and Augsburg form a league for religious freedom 1533 T Note
The Catholic League of Halle is formed 1533 T Note
Henry VIII seeks an alliance with the German Protestant princes 1535 T Note

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