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Kotzebue, August von 1761 - 1819 P
Casement, Roger 1864 - 1916 P
The Schmalkaldic League begins to disintegrate 1546 T Note
New defensive Konigsberg league tries to gain French support 1550 T Note
Maurice of Saxony secedes from Charles V 1552 T Note
Margrave of Brandenburg-Culmbach deserts his Protestant allies 1552 T Note
Conference of Passau 1552 T Note
League of Heidelberg is formed by German princes 1553 T Note
Maximilian II is implored to intervene in the Netherlands 1568 T Note
League of Torgau formed 1591 T Note
Henry IV urges German Protestant princes to join an attack on the Spanish Netherlands 1597 T Note
A Catholic League of German princes is formed at Munich 1609 T Note
Henry IV of France signs an alliance with the German Protestant Union 1610 T Note
James I negotiates marriage of his daughter to the Elector Palatine 1611 T Note
James I negotiates for his daughter Elizabeth to marry the Elector Palatine 1612 T Note
The Elector Palatine, Frederick V, arrives in England 1612 T Note
The Protestant Union meet at Heilbronn 1614 T Note
Exchange of Bourbon and Habsburg brides at Burgos 1615 T Note
Elector of Saxony promises support to Archduke Ferdinand 1617 T Note
John George Duke of Saxony applies to join the Protestant Union 1618 T Note

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