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A Catholic League of German princes is formed at Munich 1609 T Note
A defensive alliance is signed between Brandenburg and France 1681 T Note
A peace conference opens at Cologne 1673 T Note
Adolphus Frederick, Swedish heir, marries Frederick the Great's daughter 1744 T Note
Alliance between Brandenburg and the Emperor Leopold I 1672 T Note
Alliance between Emperor Leopold I and the Great Elector 1686 T Note
Alliance between Saxony and France 1664 T Note
Alliance of Brandenburg and France 1656 T Note
Alliance of France and Brandenburg 1664 T Note
Alliance of the Emperor Leopold I with Holland 1673 T Note
Alliance of Vienna between Britain, Hanover, Saxony, Poland and Empire 1719 T Note
Anglo-Prussian defensive alliance, aimed at France 1742 T Note
Austria and Saxony sign an alliance 1743 T Note
Brandenburg and Neuburg agree to partition Jülich-Cleves 1666 T Note
Brandenburg makes an offensive alliance with Denmark 1657 T Note
Britain and Holland join the League of Augsburg 1689 T Note
Britain attempts to mediate between Austria and Prussia 1741 T Note
Conference of Passau 1552 T Note
Elector of Saxony promises support to Archduke Ferdinand 1617 T Note
Empire and Spain join Dutch-Swedish alliance of against France 1683 T Note

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