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Kotzebue, August von 1761 - 1819 P
Alliance of the emperors of Germany, Russia and Austria-Hungary 1873 T Note
Alliance of Versailles between France and Austria 1756 T Note
Anglo-Austrian agreement on Bulgaria 1878 T Note
Austria agrees to send an army into Naples to suppress revolt 1821 T Note
Austria and Prussia send ultimatum to Denmark to repeal constitution 1864 T Note
Austria and Saxony sign an alliance 1743 T Note
Austria evades Salisbury's suggestions for common action against Russia 1878 T Note
Austria grants amnesty for Hungarian insurgents 1856 T Note
Austria revokes 1855 Concordat with Papacy 1870 T Note
Austria, Bavaria, Saxony and Wurttemberg agree to uphold German union 1850 T Note
Austrian ultimatum to Russia against carrying the war across the Balkans 1854 T Note
Austrian ultimatum to Sardinia to disarm 1859 T Note
Austro-Italian armistice 1866 T Note
Austro-Russian agreement to maintain status quo in the Balkans 1897 T Note
Austro-Serbian alliance 1881 T Note
Balkan allies accept mediation of great powers 1913 T Note
Berlin Memorandum of Germany, Russia and Austria to Turkey 1876 T Note
Britain attempts to mediate between Austria and Prussia 1741 T Note
Britain ends alliance with Austria 1755 T Note

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