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Kotzebue, August von 1761 - 1819 P
Britain attempts to mediate between Austria and Prussia 1741 T Note
Saxony joins France against Maria Theresa 1741 T Note
Austria and Saxony sign an alliance 1743 T Note
Union of Frankfurt between Prussia, Bavaria, the Palatinate and Hesse 1744 T Note
France allies with Prussia against Maria Theresa 1744 T Note
Britain undertakes to pay subsidies to Maria Theresa 1745 T Note
George II signs the Convention of Hanover with Prussia 1745 - 1745 T Note
France breaks off negotiations for an alliance with Maria Theresa 1745 T Note
Charles Emanuel of Sardinia moves to support Austria 1746 T Note
Prince Kaunitz extends his influence in the Empire 1749 T Note
Britain joins Austro-Russian alliance against Prussia 1751 T Note
Secret defence pact between Austria, Britain and the Duchy of Modena 1753 T Note
Negotiations for an alliance between Britain and Austria 1755 T Note
Britain ends alliance with Austria 1755 T Note
Russia proposes to Austria that Prussia be partitioned 1756 T Note
Alliance of Versailles between France and Austria 1756 T Note
Joseph II visits Catherine The Great 1780 T Note
Pope Pius VI visits Vienna 1782 T Note
Joseph II breaks diplomatic relations with Holland 1784 T Note

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