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Argentina, Brazil and Chile arbitrate between U.S. and Mexico 1914 T Note
Britain and France recognise independence of Hawaii 1843 T Note
Britain forced to pay millions of dollars of damages to USA 1872 T Note
Britain, USA and Germany recognise the King of Samoa 1880 T Note
Cold War 1945 - 1991 T
Confederates buy ships from British boat yard, leading to Alabama case 1862 T Note
First Pan-American conference at Washington 1889 T Note
Japan concludes tariff convention with Britain, France, Holland and USA 1866 T Note
Japanese foreign minister fails to abolish extra-territorial concessions 1886 - 1887 T Note
Joseph Chamberlain criticises Russia and leans towards USA and Germany 1898 T Note
Ministers from the USA, Britain, Russia, Holland, France and Japan received by the Chinese Emperor 1873 T Note
October Manifesto by Canadians in support of union with US 1849 T Note
Prince of Wales visits Canada and U.S. 1919 T Note
Rebellion in Cuba leads to deterioration of US-Spanish relations 1875 T Note
Salisbury rejects US arbitration in British Guiana-Venezuela boundary dispute 1895 T Note
San Salvador, Bahamas, asks for incorporation with USA 1822 T Note
Settlement of British Guiana-Venezuelan boundary dispute 1899 T Note
Texas surrenders her claim to New Mexico 1850 T Note
Trent affair: Confederate Commissioners to Europe are captured by Unionists 1861 T Note
U.S. and Germany break off diplomatic relations 1917 T Note

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