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Charles V manipulates the Duke of Cleves 1543 T Note
Sweden agrees to aid Tsar Basil Shuisky of Russia against Poland 1609 T Note
Gustavus II of Sweden encourages James I to join the Thirty Years War 1624 T Note
Richelieu tries to unite Sweden and Catholic League against the Habsburgs 1629 T Note
German Protestant Princes decide to ally with Gustavus II 1631 - 1631 T Note
Gustavus II signs a military convention with the Elector of Brandenburg 1631 T Note
League of Heilbronn 1633 T Note
Swedish-Brandenburg alliance at Marienberg 1656 - 1656 T Note
The Great Elector of Brandenburg aids the Danes 1658 T Note
Louis XIV signs the defensive League of the Rhine 1667 T Note
Alliance between French and Swedes against the Dutch 1672 T Note
A peace conference opens at Cologne 1673 T Note
Empire and Spain join Dutch-Swedish alliance of against France 1683 T Note
Swedish Ambassador in London is arrested on suspicion of Jacobitism 1717 T Note
Swedish ambassador is released 1717 T Note

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