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A French army is sent to aid Frederick Henry, Prince of Orange 1635 T Note
Alliance between French and Swedes against the Dutch 1672 T Note
Alliance of the Emperor Leopold I with Holland 1673 T Note
Britain and Holland define their boundaries in Borneo 1891 T Note
Britain and Holland join the League of Augsburg 1689 T Note
Britain demands a contingent of 6000 troops from Holland 1756 T Note
Charles II announces an alliance with the Dutch against France 1677 T Note
Convention of Amsterdam between France, Russia and Prussia 1717 T Note
Convention of St. Petersburg between Britain, Holland and Russia 1747 T Note
Empire and Spain join Dutch-Swedish alliance of against France 1683 T Note
Great Elector concludes alliance with Dutch 1672 T Note
Hague convention fixes three-mile limit for territorial waters 1882 T Note
Holland is forced to recognise Belgian independence 1832 T Note
International London Conference agree to Belgian separation from Holland 1830 T Note
International Protocols for separation of Belgium and Holland 1831 - 1831 T Note
Japan concludes tariff convention with Britain, France, Holland and USA 1866 T Note
Joseph II breaks diplomatic relations with Holland 1784 T Note
League of Rivoli formed 1635 T Note
London Conference proposes a peace between Belgium and Holland 1831 T Note
London Conference's Twenty-four Articles are rejected by the Dutch 1831 T Note

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