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Maximilian I pronounces the ban of the Empire on the Elector Palatine's son 1504 T Note
Maximilian I guarantees Hapsburg succession to Hungary and Bohemia 1506 T Note
Charles V grants his brother Ferdinand various Hapsburg possessions 1521 T Note
Charles V grants his brother Ferdinand Hapsburg possessions 1522 T Note
Charles V resigns the Holy Roman Empire to his brother 1556 T Note
Gera agreement ratified by the House of Hohenzollern 1599 T Note
Emperor Rudolf II is forced to cede Austria and Hungary to his brother 1608 T Note
The archdukes aim to keep the imperial crown Habsburg 1611 T Note
Prussian lands pass to the electorate of Brandenburg 1618 T Note
Louis XIV claims the electorate of the Palatine for his sister-in-law 1685 T Note
The lands of Luneburg-Celle are united with Hanover 1705 T Note
Habsburg female rights of succession in 'the Pragmatic Sanction' 1713 T Note
Prussia acquires East Friesland 1744 T Note
Hanover is separated from Britain 1837 T Note

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