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Portion 1500 - 1900 T Note
Education of Women 1650-1750 1650 - 1750 T
First Women's College 1821 T Note
New York State grants married women the right to own property apart from their husbands 1848 T Note
The first Woman's Rights Convention held in New York 1848 T Note
The first national women's rights convention held in Worcester, Mass. 1850 - 1850 T Note
Women in the territory of Wyoming are given the right to vote 1869 T Note
Married Women’s Property Act 1870 T
Arrest of women suffrage advocates 1872 T Note
Matrimonial Causes Act 1873 T Note
The Senate defeats a woman's suffrage amendment 1878 T Note
Congress grants woman attorneys the right to argue cases before the Supreme Court 1878 T Note
New Woman novelists 1880 - 1910 T
Married Women’s Property Act 1882 T Note
Suffragettes 1905 - 1914 T Note
Women Writers' Suffrage League 1908 - 1919 T
George Lansbury protests Suffragette force feeding 1912 T Note
Arizona, Kansas and Wisconsin adopt women's suffrage 1912 T Note
House of Representatives defeats women's suffrage proposal 1915 T Note
First female member of the House of Representatives 1916 T Note

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