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Stubbs, William 1829 - 1901 P
Harrison, Frederic 1831 - 1923 P
Powell, Frederick York 1850 - 1904 P
Maitland, Frederic William 1850 - 1906 P
Sorabji, Cornelia 1866 - 1954 P
Pentonville Prison founded 1842 T Note
Britain agrees to stop convict transportation to Van Diemen's Land 1852 T Note
Britain forced to pay millions of dollars of damages to USA 1872 T Note
British Supreme Court of Judicature and Court of Appeal are established 1873 T Note
Irish Land League is prosecuted 1880 T Note
The Times publishes letters incriminating Parnell 1888 T Note
Emmeline Pankhurst sentenced 1913 T Note
Obscenity Trial of The Well of Loneliness 1928 T

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