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Bacon, Francis 1561 - 1626 P
Morton, Thomas 1576 - 1647 P
Sewall, Samuel 1652 - 1730 P
Murray, William 1705 - 1793 P
Fielding, Henry 1707 - 1754 P
Cleland, John 1709 - 1789 P
Rousseau, Jean-Jacques 1712 - 1778 P
Blackstone, William 1723 - 1780 P
Princesses Mary and Elizabeth established as heirs to the English throne 1544 T Note
Trial of Archbishop Cranmer and Bishops Ridley and Latimer 1555 T Note
York Conference into the conduct of Mary Queen of Scots opens 1568 T Note
Enquiry into conduct of Mary Queen of Scots reopens at Westminster 1568 T Note
Mary Queen of Scots is tried for treason 1586 - 1586 T Note
Mary Queen of Scots pronounced guilty in the Star Chamber 1586 T Note
Queen Elizabeth confirms the sentence against Mary Queen of Scots 1586 T Note
Robert Earl of Essex is tried for misdemeanours in Ireland 1600 T Note
Sir Walter Raleigh found guilty of high treason 1603 T Note
Trial of Guy Fawkes and his fellow conspirators 1606 T Note
Legal ruling that any Scot born after 1603 is a subject of the King of England 1608 T Note
Francis Bacon becomes Attorney General 1613 T Note

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