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Goldoni, Carlo 1707 - 1793 P
Rousseau, Jean-Jacques 1712 - 1778 P
Boswell, James 1740 - 1795 P
Dustan, Guillaume 1965 - 2005 P
Duke of Biron agrees to stand trial for treason before Henry IV 1602 T Note
Condé is attainted of treason in the Paris Parlement 1651 T Note
Breisach Parlement adjudges French sovereignty in Alsace 1680 T Note
Chamber of Reunion claims Alsace for France 1680 T Note
Guillotine first used 1792 T Note
Trial of Louis XVI 1792 T Note
Code Napoleon revises French law 1804 T Note
New penal code in Japan, based on that of France 1880 T Note
Corruption trial over Panama Canal opens 1893 T Note
Mathieu Dreyfus discovers that Major Esterhazy convicted his brother 1897 T Note
Major Esterhazy acquited of alleged forgery of Dreyfus document 1898 T Note
Colonel Henry admits forging a document in the Dreyfus case 1898 T Note
Cour de cassation annuls Alfred Dreyfus's first trial 1899 T Note
Dreyfus is condemned at retrial but then pardoned by presidential decree 1899 T Note

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