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Johnson, James Weldon 1871 - 1938 P
MacLeish, Archibald 1892 - 1982 P
Masters, Edgar Lee 1868 - 1950 P
Nava, Michael 1954 - P
AT&T settles with Justice Dept. 1982 T Note
Britain forced to pay millions of dollars of damages to USA 1872 T Note
Charles Manson found guilty 1971 T Note
Congress grants woman attorneys the right to argue cases before the Supreme Court 1878 T Note
First black Supreme Court Justice 1967 T Note
First Woman Supreme Court Justice 1981 T Note
Judgment in U.S. Northern Securities case 1904 T Note
Justice Clarence Thomas named to Supreme Court 1991 T Note
O.J. Simpson found not guilty 1995 T Note
Roe v. Wade 1973 T Note
Roosevelt attempts ‘pack’ Supreme Court 1937 T Note
Scopes Trial 1925 T Note
Supreme Court Order on integration 1956 T Note
Supreme Court rules on congressional district population 1964 T Note
Supreme Court rules on Pentagon Papers 1971 T Note
Supreme Court rules on religion in public schools 1963 T Note

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