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Patents Law to protect inventors 1623 T Note
Charles I demands all wealthy Englishmen to buy knighthoods 1626 T Note
Parliament refuses to grant supplies before redress of grievances 1626 T Note
Thirty-Nine Articles reissued 1628 T Note
Englishmen imprisoned for refusing to pay the forced loan are released 1628 T Note
English Parliament meets to vote money for an expedition to La Rochelle 1628 T Note
English Parliament passes Three Resolutions 1629 T Note
King arrests nine MPs 1629 T Note
Parliament attacks the King for levying tonnage and poundage unilaterally 1629 T Note
Charles I revives the forest eyre to raise money by fines 1633 T Note
Ship Money 1634 - 1641 T
Charles I demands the collection of Ship Money 1636 T Note
John Hampden fails to overturn imposition of Ship Money 1638 T Note
Charles I issues more writs for the collection of Ship Money 1639 T Note
Entail (Strict Settlement) 1640 - 1880 T
Jointure 1640 - 1918 T Note
Commons proclaim Ship Money to be an illegal tax 1640 T Note
Triennial Act (II) 1641 - 1664 T Note
Act of Attainder against the Earl of Strafford 1641 T Note
First Ordinance for Sequestration 1643 T Note

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