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'Act of Satisfaction' for distribution of forfeited lands in Ireland 1653 T Note
Decimation Tax 1655 T Note
Decimation Tax and the rule of the Major-Generals are revoked 1657 T Note
Bill recognising Richard Cromwell as Lord Protector introduced in the House of Commons 1659 T Note
Derby Petition for a permanent settlement of the constitutional crisis 1659 T Note
Convention Parliament declares Charles II rightful King since 30th January 1649 1660 T Note
First Navigation Act adopted 1660 T Note
Corporation Act 1661 - 1828 T Note
Licensing Act 1662 T
Act of Uniformity 1662 T Note
Act of Settlement of the Poor 1662 T Note
Hearth Tax bill raised in Parliament 1662 T Note
Conventicles Act 1664 - 1689 T Note
Triennial Act is repealed 1664 T Note
Five Mile Act 1665 T Note
Game Act 1671 1671 T
Test Acts 1673 T Note
Grain bounties introduced 1674 T Note
Habeas Corpus Amendment Act 1679 T Note
Second Exclusion Bill proposes exiling James Duke of York from Britain 1680 T Note

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