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Game Act 1671 1671 T
Test Acts 1673 T Note
Grain bounties introduced 1674 T Note
Habeas Corpus Amendment Act 1679 T Note
Second Exclusion Bill proposes exiling James Duke of York from Britain 1680 T Note
City of London forced to forfeit its charter 1683 T Note
City charters are remodelled in favour of the King 1684 T Note
Entail is introduced in Scotland 1685 T Note
Bill of Rights (England) 1689 T Note
Act of Toleration 1689 T Note
Bill of Rights is amended 1689 T Note
William and Mary recognise old charters of the English colonies 1689 T Note
Act of Grace is passed in England 1690 T Note
Triennial Act 1694 T Note
Lapse of the Licensing Act 1695 T Note
William III vetoes a bill for a landed property qualification for MPs 1696 T Note
Civil List Act 1697 T Note
Act of Settlement designates Hanoverian heirs to British throne 1701 T Note
Act of Settlement 1702 T
Act for the attainder of the Pretender against 'James III' 1702 T Note

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