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Molasses Act, Sugar Act 1733 T Note
The Engraver’s Copyright Bill receives royal assent 1735 T Note
English statutes of witchcraft are repealed 1736 T Note
Stage Licensing Act 1737 - 1968 T Note
Gin Act 1751 T Note
Scottish estates forfeited in the 1745 are deemed to belong to the Crown 1752 T Note
Marriage Act 1753 T
George II assents to a land tax 1753 T Note
The American Revenue Act - Molasses Act / Sugar Act amended to tax American Colonies 1764 T Note
Stamp Act 1765 T Note
East India Company granted status of tax collector for Bengal, Bihar and Orissa 1765 T Note
Declaratory Act 1766 T Note
Stamp Act repealed by Parliament 1766 T Note
Townshend Acts 1767 - 1767 T Note
Land tax reduced in Britain 1767 T Note
Donaldson v. Beckett: Changes in Copyright 1768 - 1774 T Note
Privy Council retains American tea duty 1769 T Note
Game Act 1770 1770 T Note
Royal Marriage Act 1772 T Note
Tea Act 1773 T

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