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Sati (or Suttee) abolished in India 1829 T Note
A drastic Irish Crimes Act is passed 1887 T Note
Abolition of British window-tax 1851 T Note
Abolition of slave trade in the British Empire; prohibition of slave imports to USA 1807 T Note
Abolition of stamp duty on newspapers in Britain 1855 T Note
Act limiting working hours for children 1825 T Note
Act of Parliament regulates children's and women's working conditions 1867 T Note
Act suspending Habeas Corpus repealed 1818 T Note
Additional Force Act 1804 - 1806 T Note
Algeciras Act signed 1906 T Note
Alteration to Britain's drink licensing laws 1904 T Note
Amended Second Reform Bill passed by the House of Commons 1831 T Note
Appellate Jurisdictions Act in Britain 1876 T Note
Bank Charter Act 1844 T Note
Banking Crisis and the Restriction Act 1797 T Note
Bill of Pains and Penalties against Princess Caroline 1820 T Note
Bill suspends Home Rule and Welsh Church bills 1914 T Note
Bill to Amend the Law on Married Women’s Property 1857 T Note
Bill to repeal Septennial Act defeated 1818 T Note
Both Houses pass Third Reform Bill 1832 - 1833 T Note

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