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Pitt introduces Regency bill 1789 T Note
Canada Act 1791 T Note
Pitt introduces Aliens bill 1792 T Note
Pitt issues Exchequer bills 1793 T Note
Traitorous Correspondence Act 1793 T Note
Banking Crisis and the Restriction Act 1797 T Note
Newspaper Publications Acts 1798 T Note
Combination Acts 1799 - 1800 T Note
William Pitt introduces Income Tax 1799 T Note
Second Combination Act 1800 T Note
Night Poaching Act 1800 1800 T Note
Horne Tooke Act 1801 T Note
Health and Morals of Apprentices Act 1802 T Note
Henry Addington revises income tax 1803 T Note
Levy en Masse Act 1803 T Note
Additional Force Act 1804 - 1806 T Note
Abolition of slave trade in the British Empire; prohibition of slave imports to USA 1807 T Note
US Embargo Act against Britain and France 1807 - 1809 T Note
Bribery Act 1809 T Note
Whig Reform Bill defeated 1810 T Note

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