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Tithes 1000 - 1880 T
Assize of Clarendon 1166 T Note
Magna Carta 1215 T Note
Parliament passes Poll Tax 1377 T Note
First English Urban Sanitary Act 1388 T Note
Poynings Law makes Irish legislature dependent on England 1494 T Note
English Parliament grants taxation for war against Scotland 1497 T Note
Portion 1500 - 1900 T Note
Decree in England that enclosures made since 1488 are to be destroyed 1518 T Note
Cardinal Wolsey is forced to abandon his proposed unparliamentary tax 1525 T Note
Henry VIII is released from his debts by statute 1529 T Note
The Buggery Act 1533 T Note
Act in Restraint of Appeals 1533 T Note
Act of Supremacy 1534 T Note
Acts of Succession 1534 - 1543 T Note
First Fruits and Tenths (Queen Anne's Bounty) 1535 - 1704 T Note
Unification of English and Welsh systems of government. 1536 T Note
Six Articles 1539 T Note
English Parliament votes a heavy subsidy 1540 T Note
Tax is levied to finance the Scottish war 1545 T Note

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