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'Act of Satisfaction' for distribution of forfeited lands in Ireland 1653 T Note
A poor rate is levied in the city of London 1547 T Note
Act for the attainder of the Pretender against 'James III' 1702 T Note
Act of Abjuration of the Pretender 1702 T Note
Act of Grace is passed in England 1690 T Note
Act of Settlement designates Hanoverian heirs to British throne 1701 T Note
Act of Uniformity 2 1549 T Note
Acts against unlawful assemblies and destruction of enclosures 1549 T Note
Bill of Rights is amended 1689 T Note
Cardinal Wolsey is forced to abandon his proposed unparliamentary tax 1525 T Note
Charles I demands all wealthy Englishmen to buy knighthoods 1626 T Note
Charles I demands the collection of Ship Money 1636 T Note
Charles I issues more writs for the collection of Ship Money 1639 T Note
Charles I revives the forest eyre to raise money by fines 1633 T Note
City charters are remodelled in favour of the King 1684 T Note
City of London forced to forfeit its charter 1683 T Note
Commons proclaim Ship Money to be an illegal tax 1640 T Note
Decree in England that enclosures made since 1488 are to be destroyed 1518 T Note
Derby Petition for a permanent settlement of the constitutional crisis 1659 T Note
English Parliament adopts Presbyterianism 1643 T Note

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