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“The Directory” -- New French Constitution 1795 T Note
Algeciras Act signed 1906 T Note
Boulanger begins campaign for revision of constitution 1888 T Note
Constitutional Charter in France establishes an elective monarchy 1830 T Note
Divorce is re-established in France 1884 T Note
Edict d'Alès (France) suppressing places of refuge of Protestants 1629 T Note
Edict of Nantes 1598 T Note
Edict of St. Germain recognises the Huguenots in France 1562 T Note
Émile Combes introduces bill for Church and State's separation 1904 T Note
French Association Law promulgated 1901 T Note
French Constitution gives President monarchical power 1852 T Note
French Constitution of 1875 is completed 1875 T Note
French constitutional acts share power between Deputies and Senate 1875 T Note
French Declaration of the Rights of Man 1789 T Note
French law compensates nobles for losses in French Revolution 1825 T Note
French law makes sacrilege a capital offence 1825 T Note
French law refuses entry to France to family of Charles X and Napoleon 1832 T Note
French national assembly abolishes exemptions from taxes 1789 T Note
French Parlement loses its right to object to Royal Edicts 1673 T Note
French plebiscite supports new constitution of Louis Napoleon 1851 T Note

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