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Ghent refuses to pay a subsidy for Charles V's war with France 1537 T Note
Revolt against the gabelle tax in Guienne, France 1548 T Note
Edict of St. Germain recognises the Huguenots in France 1562 T Note
Henry IV summons an Assembly of Notables to discuss public revenue 1596 T Note
Henry IV holds a lit de justice in Paris 1597 T Note
Edict of Nantes 1598 T Note
Ordinance of Nantes orders all French fortresses to be dismantled 1626 T Note
Edict d'Alès (France) suppressing places of refuge of Protestants 1629 T Note
French Parlement loses its right to object to Royal Edicts 1673 T Note
Machault D' Arnouville attempts to reform the French tax system 1749 T Note
Necker abolishes farming of taxes 1780 T Note
French national assembly abolishes exemptions from taxes 1789 T Note
French Declaration of the Rights of Man 1789 T Note
New Constitution in France 1791 T Note
“The Directory” -- New French Constitution 1795 T Note
New French Constitution 1799 T Note
Introduction of Fifth Constitution in France 1802 T Note
US Embargo Act against Britain and France 1807 - 1809 T Note
Louis XVIII issues Constitutional Charter 1814 T Note
New electoral law in France 1820 T Note

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