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Rudolf II summons the Imperial Diet to Ratisbon 1593 T Note
Rudolf II meets the Diet at Ratisbon to gain supplies for the Turkish war 1594 T Note
Protestant princes at the Diet of Ratisbon oppose imperial tax demands 1597 T Note
Edict of Restitution against German Protestants 1629 T Note
Bavarian Constitution proclaimed 1818 T Note
Prussian Tariff Reform Act 1818 T Note
Liberal Constitution introduced in Baden 1818 T Note
Württemberg given constitution 1819 T Note
Conference to modify Federal Act of German States 1819 T Note
Hanover given Constitution 1819 T Note
Final Act of the Conference at Vienna 1820 T Note
A Constitution is granted in Hesse-Cassel 1831 T Note
Constitution proclaimed in Hanover after unrest 1831 T Note
Saxony is granted Constitution after revolt 1831 T Note
New liberal Constitution granted in Hanover by William IV 1833 T Note
Ernest Augustus suppresses the Constitution in Hanover 1837 T Note
Ernest Augustus of Hanover imposes new Constitution 1840 T Note
In Berlin, Frederick William IV is forced to grant a constitution 1848 - 1848 T Note
Constitution granted to Prussia retaining strong monarchical authority 1848 T Note
German National Assembly proclaims fundamental rights 1848 T Note

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