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Molasses Act, Sugar Act 1733 T Note
Albany Congress accepts Benjamin Franklin's scheme for an American Union 1754 T Note
The American Revenue Act - Molasses Act / Sugar Act amended to tax American Colonies 1764 T Note
Stamp Act 1765 T Note
Quartering Act 1765 T Note
Declaratory Act 1766 T Note
Townshend Acts 1767 - 1767 T Note
Privy Council retains American tea duty 1769 T Note
Parliament repeals all the Townshend duties except the one on tea 1770 T Note
Tea Act 1773 T
Intolerable Acts 1774 - 1774 T Note
Chatham's bill to conciliate American colonists 1775 T Note
New Jersey voting rights 1776 T Note
Grafton's Prohibitory Act unsuccesful in American Colonies 1776 T Note
Virginia publishes Declaration of Rights 1776 T Note
Jefferson's land ordinance passed 1784 T Note
Constitutional Convention called 1786 T Note
US Constitution signed and submitted for ratification 1787 T Note
The Northwest Ordinance 1787 T Note
New York assembly imposes duties on foreign goods 1787 T Note

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