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Jefferson's land ordinance passed 1784 T Note
Constitutional Convention called 1786 T Note
US Constitution signed and submitted for ratification 1787 T Note
The Northwest Ordinance 1787 T Note
New York assembly imposes duties on foreign goods 1787 T Note
United States Constitution ratified 1788 T Note
U.S. Census 1790 T Note
U.S. Naturalization Act 1790 T Note
Hamilton introduces Funding Bill 1790 T Note
Congress imposes tax on distilled spirits 1791 T Note
Coinage Act 1792 T Note
Fugitive Slave Act 1793 T Note
Alien and Sedition Acts 1798 T Note
Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions 1798 T Note
Twelfth Amendment added to American Constitution 1804 T Note
US Embargo Act against Britain and France 1807 - 1809 T Note
Macon's Bill No. 2 1810 T Note
Non-Intercourse Act renewed 1811 T Note
Supreme Court bars states from unilaterally altering contracts 1819 T Note
US Land Act 1820 T Note

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