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Trail of Tears 1838 - 1839 T Note
President Van Buren institutes a 10-hour work day for federal employees 1840 T Note
Pre-Emption Distribution Act in US gives rights to squatters 1841 T Note
New Whig Tariff in USA replaces Compromise Tariff 1842 T Note
New York State grants married women the right to own property apart from their husbands 1848 T Note
Fugitive Slave Law 1850 T
Maine adopts a law prohibiting the manufacture and sale of alcoholic beverages 1851 T Note
The Kansas Nebraska Act 1854 T Note
Congress enacts taxes on real estate and personal income 1861 T Note
Morrill Tariff is passed in USA 1861 T Note
Land Grants Act 1862 T Note
The Homestead Act 1862 T Note
National Banking Act 1863 T Note
Railroad Act: allows Native American lands to be appropriated 1866 T Note
Civil Rights Act 1866 T Note
US 14th Amendment extends enfranchisement to black men 1866 T Note
First Reconstruction Act 1867 T Note
Second Reconstruction Act 1867 T Note
Third Reconstruction Act 1867 T Note
Tenure of Office Act passed in USA over President's veto 1867 T Note

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