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17th Amendment to U.S. constitution 1913 T Note
Adamson Eight-Hour Act 1916 T Note
Algeciras Act signed 1906 T Note
American Indians made U.S. Citizens 1924 T Note
Amnesty Act 1872 T Note
Anti-trust laws in U.S. reinforced 1903 T Note
Asian immigration to United States restricted 1917 T Note
Attempt to repeal Maine prohibition laws defeated 1911 T Note
Burnett Immigration bill passed 1914 T Note
Chinese banned from emigrating to the USA 1882 T Note
Civil Rights Act of 1875 1875 T Note
Civil Rights Bill 1957 T Note
Clayton Antitrust Act 1914 T Note
Clayton bill passes House of Representatives 1912 T Note
Congress passes the Espionage Act 1917 T Note
Dillingham Immigration bill 1912 T Note
Eisenhower Doctrine 1957 T Note
Federal income tax introduced in U.S. 1913 T Note
Federal water power act in U.S. 1920 T Note
Force Bill for federal control of elections is rejected by US Senate 1890 T Note

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