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The 15th Amendment to the US Constitution 1870 T Note
Amnesty Act 1872 T Note
The Comstock Act prohibits the mailing of obscene literature 1873 T Note
Civil Rights Act of 1875 1875 T Note
US Desert Land bill 1877 T Note
Chinese banned from emigrating to the USA 1882 T Note
Pendleton Act passed 1883 T Note
Organic Act applies laws of Oregon to Alaska 1884 T Note
Presidential Succession law in USA 1886 T Note
The Interstate Commerce Act adopted 1887 T Note
The Dawes Severalty Act 1887 T Note
Sherman Antitrust Act 1890 T Note
Mississippi Plan 1890 T Note
Force Bill for federal control of elections is rejected by US Senate 1890 T Note
Forest Reserve Act 1891 T Note
Immigration office opened on Ellis Island 1892 T Note
Schurman's Commission offers representative government to the Filipinos 1899 T Note
Japanese immigration to the US limited 1900 T Note
U.S. Currency Act declares money redeemable in gold 1900 T Note
U.S. Congress passes Foraker Act 1900 T Note

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