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New South Wales Legislative Council Bushranging Act 1830 T Note
Juries Act 1833 T Note
South Australia Act (South Australian Colonisation Act, Foundation Act) 1834 - 1842 T
Recognition that Aborigines have equal rights under English law 1839 T Note
Imperial 'Waste Lands (Australia) Act' 1846 T Note
Australia Government Act for South Australia, Tasmania and Victoria 1850 T Note
New South Wales Gold Fields Act 1852 T Note
New South Wales and Victoria Constitution Acts 1855 T Note
Victoria government restricts Chinese immigration 1855 T Note
South Australia Constitution Act 1856 T Note
New South Wales Treason Felony Act 1868 T Note
Western Australia granted representative government 1870 T Note
Sydney Convention draws up a federal Constitution for Australia 1891 T Note
Australian federal convention meets to discuss draft federal constitution 1897 T Note
Act to Constitute the Commonwealth of Australia 1900 T Note
Immigration Restriction Act and women franchise in Australia 1902 T Note
Australian Commonwealth Electoral Act 1911 T Note
Maternity Allowance Act 1912 T Note
Papua-New Guinea Act 1949 T Note
Family Law Act 1975 T Note

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