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Act forbidding trade with the Royalist colonies of Virginia, Bermuda, Barbados and Antigua 1650 T Note
Copyright Act 1710 T
Donaldson v. Beckett: Changes in Copyright 1768 - 1774 T Note
Prohibitory Act 1776 T Note
Corn Law is amended but never comes into effect 1822 T Note
Warehousing of Goods Act 1823 T Note
Further British duties are repealed to modify Navigation Acts 1823 T Note
Act limiting working hours for children 1825 T Note
Navigation Acts are modified and relaxed 1825 T Note
Factory Act (1) 1833 T Note
Long copyrights introduced 1842 T Note
Factory Act (2) 1844 T Note
Factory Act (3) 1847 T Note
British Navigation Acts are finally repealed 1849 T Note
British Factory Act extends terms of previous acts 1867 T Note
Act of Parliament regulates children's and women's working conditions 1867 T Note
Factory Act (4) 1874 T Note
Gladstone withdraws Employers' Liability bill on Lords' amendments 1894 T Note
Alteration to Britain's drink licensing laws 1904 T Note
H. H. Asquith introduces minimum wage bill 1912 T Note

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