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Adamson Eight-Hour Act 1916 T Note
Attempt to repeal Maine prohibition laws defeated 1911 T Note
Congress enacts an 8-hour workday for government employees 1868 T Note
Maine adopts a law prohibiting the manufacture and sale of alcoholic beverages 1851 T Note
National Banking Act 1863 T Note
President Van Buren institutes a 10-hour work day for federal employees 1840 T Note
The Federal Trade Commission established 1914 T Note
The Interstate Commerce Act adopted 1887 T Note
The Supreme Court upholds a minimum wage law for women 1937 T Note
The Supreme Court upholds the National Labor Relations Act 1937 T Note
The Wagner Act guarantees workers' right to bargain collectively 1935 T Note
U.S. Currency Act declares money redeemable in gold 1900 T Note
U.S. House of Representatives passes tariff bill 1913 T Note

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