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Cleland, John 1709 - 1789 P
Burgoyne, John 1722 - 1792 P
Crèvecoeur, J. Hector St John de 1735 - 1813 P
Nelson, Horatio 1758 - 1805 P
Tregear, Edward 1846 - 1931 P
Mackenzie, Compton 1883 - 1972 P
Frankau, Gilbert 1884 - 1952 P
Blunden, Edmund 1896 - 1974 P
Bromfield, Louis 1896 - 1956 P
Robert Harley proposes reducing the size of the British Army 1697 T Note
The size of the British army is drastically reduced 1699 T Note
Earl of Marlborough becomes Captain-General of the English armed forces 1702 T Note
Duke of Marlborough is dismissed as Commander-in-Chief 1711 T Note
Admiral Byng defeats Spain off Cape Passaro 1718 T Note
John, Duke of Marlborough, dies 1722 T Note
Treaty of Charlottenburg between Britain and Prussia 1723 T Note
Britain engages Hessian mercenaries for the defence of Hanover 1727 T Note
Villars and Chauvelin urge a French alliance with Spain against England 1732 T Note
British Parliament orders reinforcement of the Mediterranean fleet 1738 T Note
British navy prevents Neapolitans and Spaniards from taking Lombardy 1742 T Note

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