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Cromwell, Oliver 1599 - 1658 P
D'Avenant, William 1606 - 1668 P
Gookin, Daniel 1612 - 1687 P
Lovelace, Richard 1618 - 1657 P
Cleland, John 1709 - 1789 P
Burgoyne, John 1722 - 1792 P
Crèvecoeur, J. Hector St John de 1735 - 1813 P
Nelson, Horatio 1758 - 1805 P
Queen Elizabeth I recalls Robert Earl of Essex from his command in France 1592 T Note
Sir John Burrows captures a valuable Portuguese galleon 1592 T Note
Spanish Armada sets off for England 1597 T Note
Royalist troops sail from Ireland to North Wales 1643 T Note
Cromwell becomes Lieutenant-General of the New Model Army 1645 T Note
Scots give Charles I to Parliament 1647 T Note
Commons vote to disband most of the army 1647 T Note
Oliver Cromwell flees from Parliament to the army 1647 T Note
The 'Representation of the Army' sets out grievances 1647 T Note
Berwick and Carlisle seized 1648 - 1648 T Note
English engage in an amphibious operation across the Firth of Forth 1651 T Note
Isle of Man surrenders to Parliamentary forces 1651 T Note

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