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Blunden, Edmund 1896 - 1974 P
Bromfield, Louis 1896 - 1956 P
Crèvecoeur, J. Hector St John de 1735 - 1813 P
d'Annunzio, Gabriele 1863 - 1938 P
Kleist, Heinrich von 1777 - 1811 P
Nelson, Horatio 1758 - 1805 P
Boscawen defeats French off Cape St. Vincent 1759 T Note
Boulanger is retired from the French army 1888 T Note
Britain blockaded by Napoleon 1806 T Note
Britain declares blockade of French coast and allies 1807 T Note
British replace French; reforming navy in Naples 1779 T Note
Dissolution of French National Guard by Charles X 1827 T Note
France adopts conscription 1872 T Note
France and Spain supply U.S. with arms 1776 T Note
Franco-Russian military convention 1892 T Note
French fleet arrives off Delaware 1778 T Note
French fleet under Labourdonnais arrives at Pondicherry 1746 T Note
Greek independence guaranteed by Britain, Russia and France 1830 T Note
Indecisive naval Battle of Toulon 1744 T Note
Li-Fournier Convention 1884 T Note

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