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Grimmelshausen, Johannes Jacob Christoffel von 1621 - 1676 P
Frederick the Great 1712 - 1786 P
Kleist, Heinrich von 1777 - 1811 P
Bismarck, Otto von 1815 - 1898 P
Jünger, Ernst 1895 - 1988 P
Christian III's navy end the era of Hanseatic sea-power 1535 T Note
Ferdinand I forms a council of military affairs 1556 T Note
Maximilian II is implored to intervene in the Netherlands 1568 T Note
Princes of Lower Saxony agree to provide troops for Christian IV of Denmark 1625 T Note
Wallenstein becomes General of the Imperial Forces 1625 T Note
Christian of Halberstadt dies 1626 T Note
Tilly co-operates with Wallenstein in Brunswick 1626 T Note
Ernst von Mansfeld dies 1626 T Note
Wallenstein assumes the title of Admiral of the Baltic 1628 T Note
Wallenstein is created Duke of Mecklenburg 1629 T Note
The Ratisbon assembly forces Ferdinand II to dismiss Wallenstein 1630 T Note
Control of the imperial army moves from Wallenstein to Count Tilly 1630 T Note
Gustavus II signs a military convention with the Elector of Brandenburg 1631 T Note
Ferdinand II reinstates Wallenstein as Supreme Imperial Commander 1632 T Note
Relations between WaIlenstein and the Emperor Ferdinand II deteriorate 1633 T Note

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