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Bismarck, Otto von 1815 - 1898 P
Frederick the Great 1712 - 1786 P
Jünger, Ernst 1895 - 1988 P
Kleist, Heinrich von 1777 - 1811 P
Alfred von Tirpitz appointed German naval secretary 1897 T Note
Allied air attack on Zeebrugge 1916 T Note
Allied forces withdraw from the Rhineland 1930 T Note
Armistice Day 1918 T Note
Breslau sunk in Dardanelles 1918 T Note
Britain engages Hessian mercenaries for the defence of Hanover 1727 T Note
British first use tanks on Western Front 1916 T Note
Conscription is introduced in Prussia 1733 T Note
Emden cruises in Bay of Bengal 1914 T Note
Emden sunk off Sumatra 1914 T Note
Erich von Falkenhayn made German Commander-in-chief 1914 T Note
First flight of a successful jet airplane 1939 T Note
First German Zeppelin attack on London 1915 T Note
Fourth German navy bill 1908 T Note
General Rommel and Afrika Korps deployed 1941 T Note
German fleet deliberately sunk at Scapa Flow 1919 T Note

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