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Frederick the Great 1712 - 1786 P
Kleist, Heinrich von 1777 - 1811 P
Bismarck, Otto von 1815 - 1898 P
Jünger, Ernst 1895 - 1988 P
Treaty of Charlottenburg between Britain and Prussia 1723 T Note
Britain engages Hessian mercenaries for the defence of Hanover 1727 T Note
Conscription is introduced in Prussia 1733 T Note
Second Armed Neutrality of the North 1800 T Note
Military reforms in Prussia 1807 T Note
Napoleon forces Prussia to reduce army 1808 T Note
Quadruple Alliance of Britain, Austria, Prussia and Russia 1815 T Note
German Navy of 1848 is sold by auction 1853 T Note
Prussian Diet rejects increase in military budget 1862 T Note
League of the Three Emperors: Russia, Germany, Austria-Hungary 1872 T Note
Military convention between Germany and Russia 1873 T Note
Secret alliance between Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy against France 1882 T Note
Otto von Bismarck advocates a larger German army 1887 T Note
Military agreement between Germany and Italy 1888 T Note
Schlieffen Plan 1891 - 1918 T
Kaiser William II congratulates President Kruger on the Jameson Raid 1896 T Note

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