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Lovelace, Richard 1618 - 1657 P
A French army is sent to aid Frederick Henry, Prince of Orange 1635 T Note
A Spanish fleet is defeated by the Dutch off Enckhuysen 1573 T Note
Battle of Beachy Head 1690 T Note
Battle of Leghorn/ Livorno 1653 T Note
Britain demands a contingent of 6000 troops from Holland 1756 T Note
Duke of Alva avoids a battle with William of Orange 1568 T Note
Duke of Anjou retires from the Netherlands to France 1583 T Note
Duke of Villeroi becomes commander in the Netherlands campaign 1695 T Note
French defeat Dutch and Spanish fleets in Bay of Palermo and take Sicily 1675 T Note
Holmes's Bonfire 1666 T Note
Indecisive naval battle between Dutch and French at Catania 1677 T Note
Leicester returns to England from the Netherlands 1586 T Note
Maurice Prince of Orange orders the local levies to be disbanded 1618 T Note
Maximilian II is implored to intervene in the Netherlands 1568 T Note
North Atlantic Treaty Organization founded 1949 T Note
Requesens runs out of money to pay his soldiers 1575 T Note
Royal Navy sinks the Westfalen in North Sea 1916 T Note
Schlieffen Plan 1891 - 1918 T
Sir Philip Sidney is fatally wounded 1586 T Note

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