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Gary, Romain 1914 - 1980 P
Lermontov, Mikhail 1814 - 1841 P
Anglo-French naval attack on Dardanelles fails 1915 T Note
Cold War 1945 - 1991 T
Collapse of Anton Denikin's White Russian army 1920 T Note
Conscription is introduced in Russia 1874 T Note
Embargo placed on British vessels in Russian ports 1800 T Note
Franco-Russian military convention 1892 T Note
Greek independence guaranteed by Britain, Russia and France 1830 T Note
H.M.S. Hampshire sunk, with Lord Kitchener aboard 1916 T Note
Japan opposes Russian attempts to secure naval base 1900 T Note
Japanese annihilate Russian fleet 1905 T Note
Japanese cripple Russian fleet off Port Arthur 1904 T Note
League of the Three Emperors: Russia, Germany, Austria-Hungary 1872 T Note
Military convention between Germany and Russia 1873 T Note
Napoleon leaves troops with Murat 1812 T Note
Nazi-Soviet Non-agression Pact 1939 T Note
Nicholas II takes over military operation command 1915 T Note
Potemkin organises Russian Black Sea fleet 1776 T Note
Potsdam Conference 1945 T Note

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