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English Parliament attaints Queen Katherine Howard 1542 - 1542 T Note
Parliament organises Wales into 12 counties 1543 T Note
English Parliament is dissolved 1550 T Note
English Parliament meets 1553 T Note
English Parliament meets 1587 - 1587 T Note
Parliament refuses to grant supplies before redress of grievances 1626 T Note
English Parliament meets to vote money for an expedition to La Rochelle 1628 T Note
English Parliament reassembles 1641 T Note
Charles I's Parliament meets at Oxford 1644 T Note
Additional Petition and Advice enhances power of Parliament 1657 T Note
English Parliament meets 1659 T Note
General Monck in Scotland calls for a free Parliament 1659 T Note
The Long Parliament meets again 1659 T Note
Parliament is held at Oxford due to plague in Westminster 1665 - 1665 T Note
Convention Parliament meets 1689 T Note

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