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The Imperial Diet opens in Worms 1495 T Note
Diet of Constance restores the imperial chamber court 1507 T Note
German diet in Cologne undertakes further imperial reorganisation 1512 T Note
Diet of Nuremberg promises reform from Adrian VI 1523 T Note
Reichsregiment fails 1524 T Note
Diet of Nuremberg is split between obedience and demand for reform 1524 T Note
Charles V reforms the Imperial Chamber 1530 T Note
The Diet of Ratisbon is forced to admit Protestants to the Imperial Chamber 1541 T Note
Ferdinand I forms a council of military affairs 1556 T Note
Imperial diet meets at Speyer 1570 T Note
Protestant princes at the Diet of Ratisbon oppose imperial tax demands 1597 T Note
Bitterness between Catholics and Protestants at the Ratisbon Imperial Diet 1603 T Note
Provincial Diets are established in Prussia 1823 T Note
German Professors meet at Frankfurt to discuss German reunification 1846 T Note
German Ante-Parliament meets at Frankfurt 1848 T Note
German National Assembly suspends German Confederation 1848 T Note
German National Assembly proclaims fundamental rights 1848 T Note
German National Assembly passes Constitution 1849 T Note
Attempt at German unification under a parliamentary system fails 1849 T Note
Erfurt Parliament is prorogued 1850 T Note

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