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The Beginning of the White House 1792 T Note
Daniel Webster and Robert Y. Hayne debate the Union in US Congress 1830 T Note
Andrew Jackson asks Congress to enforce tariff in South Carolina 1833 T Note
US Congress amends tariff of Jury 1832 1833 T Note
Massachusetts Emigrant Aid Society founded 1854 T Note
Southern US states hold Congress of Montgomery 1861 T Note
Klu Klux Klan founded 1866 T Note
President A. Johnson is acquitted by Senate 1868 T Note
American Girl Guides created 1912 T Note
Hoover directs international organisation 1919 T Note
Alcoholic Anonymous is organized in New York City 1935 T Note
Foundation of the United Nations 1945 T Note
The US organization 1965 - 1971 T
National Organization for Women founded 1966 T Note
Helsinki Accords signed; Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe founded 1975 T Note

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