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Stage Licensing Act 1737 - 1968 T Note
Bow Street Runners 1749 T
Seditious Meetings Act and Treasonable Practices Act 1795 T Note
Act against Administering Unlawful Oaths 1797 T Note
John VI of Portugal re-asserts his authority 1824 T Note
Metropolitan Police founded 1829 T Note
County Police Act 1839 T Note
Detective Branch of the Metropolitan Police formed 1842 T Note
Theatre Regulation Act 1843 T Note
Habeas Corpus Act suspended in Ireland 1848 T Note
Act of Parliament removes disabilities of Jews 1858 T Note
Combinations of Workmen Act 1859 T Note
Religious tests abolished for entry to Oxford and Cambridge 1871 T Note
A drastic Irish Crimes Act is passed 1887 T Note
'Bloody Sunday' at Socialist meeting in Trafalgar Square 1887 T Note
National Vigilance Association - banning of Zola’s novels 1888 - 1889 T Note
Obscenity Trial of The Well of Loneliness 1928 T

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