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Two Dutch Anabaptists are burnt at Smithfield on Elizabeth's orders 1575 T Note
English Parliament draws up severe anti-Catholic legislation 1581 - 1581 T Note
Parliament legislates to expel Jesuits and seminary priests 1584 - 1584 T Note
The English parliament passes strict laws against Protestant dissenters 1593 T Note
Henry Barrow convicted of slandering Queen Elizabeth 1593 T Note
John Penry is executed for denying Queen Elizabeth's royal supremacy 1593 T Note
Jesuit Robert Southwell is hanged at Tyburn 1595 T Note
James I removes the £20 per month fines levied on Catholic recusants 1603 T Note
English Parliament imposes severe penalties against Roman Catholics 1606 T Note
John Cowell's law dictionary is censured 1610 T Note
An Arian is burnt for heresy at Smithfield 1612 T Note
James I forbids the discussion of state affairs 1620 T Note
Parliamentary Protestation denies the King's right to imprison MPs 1621 T Note
James I imprisons Sir Edward Coke for his share in the Protestation 1621 T Note
James I tears the Protestation from the Commons Journal 1621 T Note
James I places John Pym, the Parliamentary leader, under house arrest 1622 T Note
Trial of the Lancashire witches 1633 T Note
William Prynne is tried for libelling Queen Henrietta Maria 1634 T Note
William Prynne loses both his ears as punishment for libel 1634 T Note
Outcry against Archbishop Laud at the punishment of Puritans 1639 T Note

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