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Honoré Mirabeau secret agent of the Crown 1790 T Note
Committee of Public Safety takes control of the Terror in France 1793 T Note
Censorship of French press re-established 1820 T Note
Newspapers in France can now only be sold with government approval 1822 T Note
Press Law censoring French press is suspended 1824 T Note
French law to censor press rejected by Peers 1827 T Note
Jean VilleIe secures royal ordinance to censor French press 1827 T Note
New press law in France relieves censorship 1828 T Note
Attack on French Jesuits by Vicomte de Martignac 1828 T Note
Charles X issues ordinances to control the press and change the electoral system 1830 T Note
'September Laws' in France impose press censorship 1835 T Note
Communist riots in Paris are defeated 1849 T Note
Liberty of the press is restricted in France 1850 T Note
Repressive measures in France, including censorship of press 1852 T Note
French amnesty for political offenders 1859 T Note
Freedom of press granted in France 1868 T Note
Limited right of public meeting allowed in France 1868 T Note
Law against Jesuits in France 1879 T Note
France grants amnesty to Communards of 1871 1880 T Note
Tension between France and Germany 1887 T Note

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