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Catholic oppression in Bohemia rouses national antipathy to the Emperor 1616 T Note
Censorship of Prussian press is revived 1851 T Note
Diet of Augsburg decrees endorses the Edict of Worms 1530 T Note
Emperor Charles V prohibits the proposed German synod at Speyer 1524 T Note
First Diet of Speyer endorses Edict of Worms 1526 T Note
German anti-Jesuit law of 1872 revised 1904 T Note
German anti-socialist law of 1878 expires 1890 T Note
Leaders of the Schmalkaldic League outlawed by the Empire 1546 T Note
Lutheran deadline for conformity expires 1531 T Note
Martin Luther is cross-examined at the Diet of Worms 1521 - 1521 T Note
Martin Luther publicly burns the bull Exsurge 1520 T Note
Prince Metternich issues Six Articles to maintain despotic government 1832 T Note
Protestant immigrants are expelled from the imperial city of Aachen 1560 T Note
Protestant princes ordered to conform by 15th April 1531 1530 T Note
Protestants break up the Diet of Ratisbon 1608 T Note
Protestants in the Imperial Diet are condemned 1598 T Note
Reichstag rejects Bismarck's proposed repression of radicals 1878 T Note
Tension between France and Germany 1887 T Note
The Emperor Rudolf II forced to permit freedom of religion in Bohemia 1609 T Note
The Great Elector offers refuge to French Huguenots 1684 T Note

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